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She’s Looking for Another Hit

Singer Promotes Her  

Own Pot-Infused Wine

Melissa Etheridge, singer/songwriter, breast cancer survivor, and proponent of medical marijuana use, is cashing in on both the infused alcohol and marijuana-product crazes by launching her own brand of marijuana-infused wine. Etheridge says she wants to bring cannabis-infused products including her wine to states like California.


Happy Mother’s Day

Mom Accused of Taking Kids Without Permission Sentenced To … Rehab

A woman accused of illegally taking her three children on a cross-country journey has been ordered to go to rehab. This after Carrie Weingarth tested positive for cocaine use while on probation. Weingarth sparked a nationwide search after she took.


Taking A Hit?

Judge Could Smash Marijuana Law

A judge in California is examining the legality of America’s marijuana laws, she may be on the verge of throwing the entire system into chaos. After a five-day hearing in California, she is considering the validity of the science surrounding pot’s classification as one of the most dangerous drugs in the world. In May, she became the first judge in decades to agree to hear evidence relating to the Drug Enforcement Administration’s classification of marijuana which puts it in the same category as heroin and meth.


Double Down?

First Study of Internet Gambling in United States (Coming Soon)

The project will begin in January of 2015 with a statewide baseline prevalence survey of a representative sample of New Jersey residents. In the first wave of the study, a representative sample of 1,500 adult New Jersey residents will be interviewed by cell and landline phone and 2,000 residents will be interviewed online regarding gambling behavior and Internet gambling.


Welcome to AA, Dr. Strangelove

Alcoholic U.S. Air Force Officers Hold Nuke Buttons

An American activist and expert on military affairs says the US Air Force’s frustrated, demoralized and alcoholic officers have their fingers on the nation’s nuclear buttons. “The behavior of one of the commanders was just clearly one that indicated severe alcoholism.” He was commenting on an Associated Press report which revealed that the US Air Force dismissed two undisciplined commanders from its nuclear missile corps on Monday.


Admit It, You Might Click This   VIDEO  

Kourtney Kardashian Reacts To Scott’s Overdosing On Pills  VIDEO 

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have been fighting on TV for years, but things take a turn for the worse on this season of ‘Kourtney & Khloe Take The Hamptons’ when Scott is rushed to the hospital, after appearing to swallow and entire bottle of pills. How did Kourtney react?

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International News: Canada  VIDEO 

‘Explosive cocktail’ of Mental Illness, Drug Addiction Behind Ottawa Shooting VIDEO

“We saw the explosive cocktail that mental health, drug addiction and ideology – extremist-inspired – can provide,” he told the audience of security professionals. “So we need to adapt, adjust and reach out – take this opportunity as Canadians to be prepared. And also … work with other countries that are facing the same challenges.


Dark Star?

Bob Weir Hints At Possible Painkiller Addiction

RatDog cleared off its tour schedule for the foreseeable future. Although no reason was given for the cancellations, a new interview with Bob Weir suggests that it could be because he may been battling an addiction to painkilers. JamBase points to an interview Weir did with Common Ground, and while Weir doesn’t specify why RatDog pulled out of its tour, he notes, “I had to take painkillers for a shoulder issue for a number of years, and that’s something I’m still dealing with.”


Clean and Sober and Dead VIDEO

Only Legal Drugs Found in Robin Williams’ System


Toxicology tests revealed “the absence of alcohol or (any) illicit drug” in Williams’ system at the time of his death, Boyd said. Prescription medications, including an antidepressant, were detected in “therapeutic concentrations,” he said. Williams had been having a hard time sleeping and would “sometimes move around a lot in bed or talk loudly in his sleep, which is why he was sleeping in a separate bedroom” from his wife, the report said.


Like Coke In a Can?

The Caffeine-

Alcohol Effect

These effects could explain why people who add caffeine to their cocktail are at greater risk of being in an accident or making a decision they will later regret (like getting in the car with a drunk driver) than those who stick to straight booze. When the world’s first energy drink debuted in 1987, it didn’t take long for Red Bull to find its way behind the bar. Bartenders soon started mixing Red Bull, Monster, and Rockstar with vodka, gin, Jagermeister, and hard cider.


of the 

Addiction/Recovery eBulletin 

Yes, I Go To Meetings

Considering Self-Reporting Bias When Interpreting Outcomes In Substance Use Treatment And Recovery Research

The point here is not that the patients were being “dishonest”, but rather that the natural human phenomenon of enhanced self-presentation when one’s well-being is at stake calls into question the use only of self-report measures in these cases If, however, patients have external motivation to bias their self-report in favor of improvement – say if they believe legal status depended on treatment progress – these self-reports may not be a valid indicator of treatment response.


Selling Pot Gets You 5

Pharmacist Gets “4” Years for Overdose Death

Ben Willard Hunn has been sentenced to four years in federal prison for providing extra prescription pain medication to a 24-year-old woman who died of an overdose. “He started to give them extra doses of Vicodin in October 2012,” wrongly succumbing to the persistence of the woman and her mother. Hunn was aware of prior overdoses by the woman and had told family members to get her into therapy.


“Permanently” Parking Patients  VIDEO

20-Year-Old Went to Rehab – Comes Home in a Body Bag

For $14,500, A Sober Way Home assured the family that it could treat Brandon’s dual disorders. His particular condition required a high level of care and monitoring because of the debilitating effects of purging, which can cause the body to have an imbalance of essential electrolytes that can impair the functions of the heart. Substance abuse like alcoholism, which affects about 50 percent of all people with eating disorders, and binging and purging can be a fatal combination.


There’s a Pill for That

High Rate of Insomnia During Early Recovery  

from Addiction

Clinicians should be cautious when prescribing medications to address insomnia in the recovering patient. This population of patients may be at increased risk for misuse, abuse, or addiction to sleep medications, or prone to “rebound insomnia” after medications are discontinued. In short, use of such medications may increase the risk of relapse.


Public Perception

Does Alcoholism  

Fit the Definition  

of ‘disease’?

The idea that addiction is a disease became popular in the ’70s, when those treating addicts realized that stigmatizing them as simply lacking self-control and having character deficiencies was prejudicial and counterproductive to effective treatment. But there is some argument that addiction is not as similar to a medical disease as it is to a chronic disorder or compulsive behavior, which is why support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous can be so helpful.


I Wouldn’t Bet on This

More Gambling Does Not Lead  

To More Gambler Addiction

Using several different criteria, the scholars found no statistically significant change in problem gambling or its more severe form, pathological gambling. Rates of problem gambling remained in the 3.5 to 5.5 percent range, depending on the measure used, and rates of pathological gambling were in the 1.0 to 2.4 percent range. And although there have been frequent stories in the media about women who are gambling addicts, men are more than twice as likely as women to be problem gamblers.


Same As It Ever Was

Here’s What Cocaine Does To The Human Body

Last week Wall Street found that it had another cocaine-fueled scandal on its hands when an investment banker’s ex-wife accused her husband of intense drug abuse. Cocaine has been an illicit way for bankers to keep up with clients, parties, and long hours for decades. That has its consequences, though. Cocaine can harm numerous parts of the human body, from your nasal passages to your sexual stamina. No small thing.



Police Save Little Egg Harbor Woman from Overdose with Narcan

A 34-year-old woman who was believed to have been suffering a heroin overdose was saved with Narcan, the anti-opioid nasal spray that counteracts the effects of the narcotic. After receiving first aid and the Narcan, the woman was taken to Southern Ocean Medical Center in Stafford.


New Yorkers Relax –
Dr. Tian Dayton Is In The House

The Spirit of Healing: Utilizing RTR in Creating Improved Clinical Outcomes



Stick with the Winners… 
Randy Rehab Recovery

Teen 13th Stepped by  Drug Treatment Facility Teacher

A female teacher at Daytop New Jersey in Mendham has been arrested and charged with second degree sexual assault on a teen inpatient, the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office announced Friday. Donna Peirce-Faley, 28, was arrested Nov. 6. Peirce-Faley, a teacher at the drug treatment facility, allegedly had oral sex and sexual intercourse with an 18-year-old male while he was a court-ordered resident at the center, Prosecutor Fredric Knapp said. Peirce-Faley, a teacher at the drug treatment facility, allegedly had oral sex and sexual intercourse with an 18-year-old male while he was a court-ordered resident at the center.


Rehabilitation One Day, Just Not Today

Heroin Overdose Treatments in American Prisons Are Dangerously Old-Fashioned

“Substance use disorders are highly prevalent among inmate populations, affecting an estimated 30 to 60 percent of inmates.” With plenty of time to kill and nothing better to do, prisoners get high. It’s just a matter of getting the drug in and making a homemade syringe. “There’s nothing better than shooting up some brown tar or-better yet, China White-when you’re doing a bid,” a prisoner we’ll call Chance tells me. Chance is from Pittsburgh, 36 years old, and a three-time loser. He’s in on a 20-year sentence for selling cocaine and is a member of a prison-based gang. He is heavily involved in the drug scene, using, abusing and smuggling heroin.


Absolutely No Absolut

Sober Raves  

in Sweden

On the surface, it looks just like any other dance party. Except here you won’t get any drunken propositions. Because-as the event’s name, Sober, hints-there’s a strict no-alcohol policy. The drinks served at the bar are “mocktails.” The signature offering is a blend of lime, fresh mint, and ginger beer that will set you back $13. Before entering the club, you have to take a breath test; if the machine shows alcohol content above 0.0 percent, you will be asked to leave.



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Music Heals

Why Listening to Sad Songs is Good for You

The study also revealed that a high number of participants reported listening to sad music in situations of emotional distress or when they’re feeling lonely, so it could be a form of self-medication. “For most of the people, the engagement with sad music in everyday life is correlated with its potential to regulate negative moods and emotions, as well as to provide consolation.”


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