Sobriety comes first, no matter what –

Mar. 13, 2020 – The woman said she would still have phone call check-ins and small pot-luck gatherings with her fellow group members if face-to-face meetings ended, but that it wouldn’t be the same as the structured group meetings … Emily McCombs, an editor in New York City, said she relied heavily on 12-step meetings to maintain her sobriety, attending them weekly. A 36-year-old single mom, she has been in recovery since she was 25. … “Knowing at any given time I can go somewhere at any time where people can offer support is essential,” she said. “It’s the support and the accountability. As much as the coronavirus is a life and death issue, recovery is a life and death issue for addicts. If we don’t do what we need to do, we could die.” 

The cancellation of meetings was an unprecedented prospect, according to recovery community members canvassed by The Daily Beast.

“I’ve seen people show up in a blizzard,” McCombs added.