May 30, 2024 – Derek Faller has been sober for over seven months. He said when he was struggling with his substance abuse disorder, hearing others tell their stories about their struggles and overcoming addiction through social media inspired him to keep going. When he was invited onto the Heartview Foundation’s podcast “Recovery Chronicles,” he accepted. “I remember in my addiction, I’d scroll on Facebook, and there’d be interviews with people sharing their stories, and it was just amazing to see them getting out of the hole they’d dug for themselves, getting out of addiction,” Faller said.

Seeberg said when she learned the host position had opened up about three months ago, she requested they let her fill the vacancy. Seeberg has been a licensed addiction counselor for over a decade. She said talking about someone’s personal struggles with substance abuse helps break the stigma. She said one of the things that surprised her most has been interviewees’ willingness to share their stories.