Fun Without Booze? Amazing… –

Jan.12, 2018 – You can be sober and social. That’s the idea behind Club Soda, an event series and community for “sober curious” people who want to drink less, or not at all not, while still having fun. “By any outside standards, it wasn’t a huge amount, it’s not like I was getting up in the morning and having a drink. Alcohol was just part of life,” Warrington tells Moneyish. “It began to take a toll on my overall well being.” When Warrington moved to New York City she realized she was ready to make some serious lifestyle changes. She was able to quit drinking whenever she wanted to, and started to cut back, but she wanted more control over her cravings and feeling uncomfortable at events without having a drink in her hand. So she went to her first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.
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