March 23, 2024 – Amid bouts of sobriety and relapse, Moffitt had recently left rehab before he received news that his best friend died. After the funeral, Moffitt went on a bender that ended in tragedy. That night at St. Anthony’s Summit Hospital, he was admitted with a blood alcohol content of 0.392 before he eventually pulled out his IV and wandered outside.

That’s when a Summit County Sheriff’s Office deputy arrested him and transported him to the county jail without receiving medical clearance, according to court documents. Over the next three days, deputies and a captain at the jail failed to request medical assistance as Moffitt went through severe alcohol withdrawal, vomiting and hallucinating.

By the morning of July 9, 2013, Moffitt had stripped naked as he experienced “delusions” and attempted to harm himself, court documents state. After entering the cell and restraining Moffitt, deputies finally called for medical care, but it was too late. He died four days later.

Four years after Moffitt’s death, Summit County reached a $3.5 million settlement with his family. When negotiating the settlement, Higgins said she pushed for the county to build better services.