Sun, Sand and Sobriety? – 

OCT. 14, 2019- Bob Forrest owns Alo Recovery Centers, which provides treatment throughout L.A. County. He knows there are bad operators out there, but he says he has a good relationship with surrounding neighborhoods. “I don’t hide behind what’s called the Dole Act or the Disabilities Act which gives you the right to have a treatment center in a residential neighborhood. I like to talk to the neighbors, personally say this is my phone number. If there’s any problems, call me and a lot of treatment providers have done that,” Forrest said. “There’s great places and we’ve now gotten tarnished by all these bad actors and fraudsters and b.s. artists, and I try to be outspoken.  Listen, there are good people that are trying to help every day.” “When the new generation of addicts in the mid to late 90s started interfacing with the professionals who had always been a traditional patient population of rehabs, it was chaotic and the adults said, ‘I’m not staying here. I’m not going to be a part of this. I’m not going to be around this,’” Forrest said. “That created what’s called patient driven care, where patients want to go to an elite place in the Malibu hills and get yoga.”

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