Finally Getting an Assist –

February 15, 2020 –  The players’ association hired Dr. William Parham to be its inaugural director of health and wellness in 2018, partnering with Keyon Dooling, who shared his heartbreaking story of how childhood trauma impacted his life as an adult.  “I think collectively enough loud voices were heard to the point that the union felt it needed to do something,” said Parham, who has consulted with MLB, USA Soccer as well as universities such as UCLA . “I’m a person who believes in context, so when I look at these disclosures I see they came on the heels of the #metoo movement and #blacklivesmatter … identity reclamation, which is a canon from the 1960s. It’s people reclaiming their space as human beings. So for ballers, they’re acknowledging you like me for being a great athlete but you have to treat me as a person and not solely as a performer.”


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