WATCH – Service with a smile –  

Nov. 11, 2020 – More recently, having a tough time making ends meet during the pandemic, the 66-year-old says the VA trust fund paid his rent for six months and DTE paid his electricity.

“Through the grace of God, they provided me with a lot of help,” said Johnson. 

Major Kwesi Betserai says Wayne County veteran services aims to provide immediate financial relief to honorably discharged veterans, like Johnson, who live in the county.

“And so we’re set up to help those veterans receive rent payments, mortgage payments, car payments, car repairs,” said Wayne Co. Veteran Services Division Director and Ret. Major Kwesi Betserai. 

Food, furniture, burial expenses – the list goes on.

“Contrary to what you may hear, that the veterans don’t get quality care,” said Ret. Major Betserai. “There is quality care available, and what I found is there is a disconnect. Right? Veterans don’t know how to apply for them. Because some of the language is a bit much and a lot of time the veterans don’t have all of their documents in one place.”

And he says there are also services to help bridge that gap.

“Just ask for help. Just ask,” said Johnson. “You don’t have to be alone. You don’t have to be alone as a veteran.”



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