June 17, 2022 – This was no Master Plan to go from big lesbian at BBC Entertainment to a transmasc, nonbinary, intersex in West Hollywood. Well, not mine.

Every year in sobriety, I have challenged myself to Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway,and this started very small in 2001. I took a “tea commitment” at a recovery meeting — my social anxiety, after detox and during nine months of residential rehab, was so severe I couldn’t make eye contact. By 2014 I was up to the dizzy heights of skydivingas my annual challenge. I despise small planes, and being attached to Bernie, a very large man who looks just like Shrek, and thrown out of said plane, was … A LOT. During the “free fall,” I did a very-not-me, mini fist bump to the cameraman and then nearly puked when the parachute opened. ,,, So what to do in 2015 that was more challenging than jumping from a plane? The only thing I could think of was stand-up comedy. A six-week course with Logan Murray, the U.K.’s top stand-up teacher. I hadn’t done anything onstage since age 14, when I was #MeToo’d by the director of a play.