Time to use your spiritualize? –

May 22, 2020 – 2. Principles Before Personalities: Oh boy, this is one recovery concept that I have to remind myself to practice often because any time that I fall short to practice it, I end up just hurting myself in the long run. Principles before personalities essentially means to remember to put your core values into practice before jumping to react in response to someone elses’s personality. For instance, if someone does me wrong I am not going to react in anger, I am going to respond in love, I might even pray for them that day if I’m feeling especially spiritual. I want what’s best for everyone I come into contact with, even if they do not reciprocate that same intent. Yet, muggles are on the news fighting over toilet paper and politics(2 things that belong in the same place in my opinion). For so many muggles, their first reaction is to be defensive or put others down, that sounds entirely too emotionally taxing to a lot of people in recovery. We have learned that practicing principles before personalities allows us to see the hurt you’ve caused us, and modify our responses to it to match our values. We may not easily forgive that hurt, but we sure as heck don’t need to foster any avoidable resentments. Muggle struggles. 



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