July 4, 2024 – Still living a full life, the Heroin Diaries author continues to tour the world with his band, writes new music and has been getting involved in more TV and film projects, not to mention more charitable endeavors, like donating money to nonprofits like Covenant House to help make music programs accessible to all.

he dad of five, who is married to Courtney Sixx, 38, mom of his youngest, Ruby, 4, shared his celebratory post on Instagram with an inspiring message for others out there who may be wanting to kick the habit – or give it another go.

“23 years sober today. Had a few runs at it before but I wasn’t ready to surrender completely to my addiction,” Nikki began. “Today I am the happiest I’ve been in my whole life. Thank you to those that shared their experience to help me understand the simple process of letting go.”