Oct. 19, 2022 – She said she was a binge drinker, drinking two to three times a week and many times she would not stop drinking until she passed out.

“I was at my lowest point. I couldn’t go any lower. I lost custody of my daughter I was going through a divorce, I questioned my worthiness,” she said.

Baez now fills her days with parenting, writing, speaking to recovery groups, and working out in a Cross Fit gym. She started volunteering at Omaha’s Bethlehem House, a home for pregnant, homeless women, where she connects with women making a clean start from addiction. She wants them to see that they can navigate their way through struggles like she did.

“You might have made a bad mistake and failed really bad at something, but you don’t have to live there forever,” Baez said.

She’s donated several thousand dollars, a portion of her book sales, to the Bethlehem House. 

Gina Tomes, family life director at the Bethlehem House, welcomes Baez with hugs and warmth. 

“They hear her about her journey, they can relate to it. They walk together. I can’t express how empowering it is that there are women to want to help others in their journey,” Tomes said.  


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