Urine Trouble Now –

August 30, 2018 – Former Monsignor Kevin Wallin appeared in federal court in Hartford, where he asked Judge Alfred Covello to continue his supervised release so he could begin a long-term residential treatment program for substance abuse … But Covello had warned Wallin back in April, after he failed several drug tests, that he would be put back in the slammer if he flunked another one. Probation officials said Wallin tested positive for methamphetamine earlier this month. Wallin was handcuffed in the courtroom and taken away by marshals. He is expected to serve the time at the federal prison in Danbury.

“I know my behavior has not been good,” Wallin told the judge before being sentenced. “I have no desire to continue down this path. My addiction came into my life late and I need this treatment and I know that I need this treatment.” Wallin, dubbed “Monsignor Meth” in some media reports, pleaded guilty in 2013 to a methamphetamine distribution conspiracy charge. He was detained in prison until his sentencing in May 2015, when he received a prison term of more than five years. After completing a prison drug abuse program, he was freed on supervised release in November 2016.

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