May 12, 2023 – Four years in, I was taking two pills to get to sleep and a whole one in the middle of the night. The sixth year, which was 2008, I was taking 10 pills — nine at night and then breaking a single one up during the day because the withdrawal would be too bad if I didn’t have something in my system.

To have a steady supply, I went to different doctors for the same prescription. I had almost all my doctors prescribing me Ambien — my OB-GYN, regular doctor, orthopedic surgeon and psychiatrist.

I discovered by accident that when I drank alcohol with the Ambien, it boosted the effect. The high was more intense. Eventually, the pills didn’t work at all without the alcohol. 

I had a glamorous and very busy life. I was married to a director in Hollywood so there were premieres and dinner parties. I was the parent association president. I’d just been asked to join the board at my kids’ very elite, prestigious private school.

I wasn’t getting high during the day, but put just enough Ambien in my system to keep from going into withdrawal, which was usually one pill that I would break it up into quarters throughout the day.