Feb. 23, 2023 – Speaking to the Daily Star, Natalee, who was born in Puerto Rico to military parents, revealed how her older sister Niki, was her “best friend” growing up and that they “did everything together”. 

But the family’s life changed forever when Niki, an Air Force Medic, passed away in August 2008. Natalee said: “She just got mixed up with the wrong crowd of people and fell in love with the wrong guy and she got a drug addiction and it killed her and that was really rough on our family”. 

Recalling the day of her sister’s death, Natalee added: “The thing that I remember the most is when they brought her down in the body bag and they unzipped her head and my mum and dad just ran over there and were kissing her and screaming and crying. 

“That was probably the hardest thing I ever saw in my life, just how much pain my parents were in.” She revealed that her brother, who was 16 years old at the time and working as a lifeguard, had discovered Niki “on her knees with her face in the carpet in the middle of the night”. 

He attempted to perform CPR on Niki and was “doing chest compression so hard that it broke some of her ribs”, Natalee said. 

But unfortunately, they were unable to save her and there was little else medics could do when they arrived at the scene.


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