Panic Attack –

May 10, 2019 – The travel blogger said she wanted to share it to show people the other side of her life, which isn’t documented on Instagram. “I’m posting this not for attention or sympathy, but because I have been given this platform on instagram and would like to do some good with it,” she said. “You guys see most of my life as rainbows and sunshine (cuz no one likes to post the bad parts anyways), however this is my reality. Writing in the caption, the former actress explains she shared the video in a bid to raise awareness about mental health because “it’s real.”She continued: “I didn’t choose this, I do not want it, and it’s a horrible thing to be constantly fighting a battle no one knows about or sees that’s in your head 24/7 and constantly feeling like a crazy person. “If I can enlighten even 1 person by posting this, I’ll be happy…

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