May 26, 2024 – The canvassing is part of Mobilize Recovery Maine’s “Project Doorstep” initiative. Its goal is to reach 10,000 doors within two years. The organization is on its way to hitting 5,000 this summer, after knocking on over 5,000 doors last year. “There are many people that are struggling with substance use disorder, and because of the stigmas and guilt and shame around substance use disorder, people are either afraid to go get help or they don’t know where to go get help,” Reynolds said.

That’s where Reynolds and his team come in—to deliver this life-saving medicine, teach people how to use it, and give them recovery resources.

“Our main goal is to lower the overdose death rates here in the state of Maine,” Reynolds said. “The numbers went down last year for the first time in seven years I believe, so that’s a huge improvement.”

Mobilize Recovery organizer Jean Marquis has made canvassing for Narcan a personal mission of hers, after an experience with her own family.

“My son was saved by Narcan by good Samaritans who happened to have that on hand, and I am so ever grateful for that,” Marquis said. “And now he’s two-and-a-half years sober, I’m so, so proud of him.”

Marquis said everyone should have Narcan. “Every purse, every knapsack, every glove compartment, because you never know when they’re going to need it,” she said.