April 30, 2021 – Eklund also thanked MDLNY for allowing him to be his most vulnerable.

“The miscarriages, having the kids, getting married … all of these things leading up to even this season where I’m also sharing personal stuff, those are risky and very kind of scary things to share with cameras,” Eklund explained. “The more I’ve shared, the more vulnerable I’ve been, the more I’ve grown from it. So I’m very grateful to the process, to the show, to the producers and to the network for allowing me to be me, and to learn maybe the hard way that the more ‘me’ I am, the more sort of love I can get. I don’t hold back anymore.”  “It was a difficult year and a sad year,” Eklund exclusively told E! News ahead of next week’s MDLNY premiere. “But how it relates to my business was tricky because I had to go back and forth because I’m bicoastal … In a world where we were not even allowed to do real estate showings, we had to be creative there and push the envelope.”

Eklund filmed MDLNY and sister series Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles back-to-back, but by January 1st, 2021, Eklund was ready to change his lifestyle to mark the New Year with a clean slate. “I’ve given up alcohol and though it’s still pretty early,” Eklund announced on Instagram on New Year’s Day this year. “If you know me well you know it’s been the one and only thing that’s given me extra weight as a father, business man and health-nut for way too long.” 



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