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Dec. 24, 2020 – Additionally, Sorrentino is getting ready to be a dad in the new year, as his wife, Lauren, is pregnant with their first child together. The lovebirds are expecting a baby boy in May 2021.

“Gym Tan We’re having a Baby Boy,” Sorrentino proudly exclaimed in a post shared to Instagram earlier this month, which featured pics from their holiday-themed virtual gender reveal. The reality star also tagged “@itsbabysituation,” the account he and his wife already set up for their little one. 

The Sorrentinos revealed to ET last November that they were “still trying” for kids after healing from Lauren’s heartbreaking miscarriage.

“We’re doing OK,” Lauren shared at the time. “[Mike] leads our family by example, with going through our past tragedies and trying to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off. I looked at him lost when this happened, like, ‘I don’t know what to do, I don’t know how to recover from this.’ And he just kept doing the next right thing. You get ready for the day. You’re just one day at a time, and we’re almost a month later, and I’m doing a lot better.”



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