Jan. 21, 2023 – He eventually visited a neurologist the following year who diagnosed him with Parkinson’s disease, and in shock, he responded: “You know who you’re talking to, right? I’m not supposed to get this.”

Over the years that followed, he sought solace in alcohol, before quitting altogether. 

“I drank to dissociate,” he said. “I was definitely an alcoholic. But I’ve gone 30 years without having a drink.”

The Back to the Future star kept his diagnosis secret for seven years, taking dopamine pills and holding props in his left hand on set to hide shaking.

In the new documentary, the 61-year-old works with a trainer to build his strength and stability, but during the course of filming he falls, breaking bones in his left cheek, his hand, his arm and dislocating his shoulder.

Though what really annoys him is when people tell him to ‘be careful’.

“This has nothing to do with being careful,” he said. “This happens. You get Parkinson’s, you trip over stuff.”


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