March 29, 2024 – The 39-year-old singer – best known as part of the The Wombats alongside Tord Øverland Knudsen, and Dan Haggis, in recent years has embarked on a solo career under the name of Love Fame and Tragedy – decided to give up alcohol for good.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “I wasn’t sober when I was writing it but I was definitely writing from the aspect of a person who isn’t sober and I … it was a pretty kind of funky two years I’d say and I’m glad that I kind of had it documented that I’m glad that it’s been documented by this album. The album was written during just not a catastrophic time but I had extreme highs and extreme lows and dealing with family life and trying to balance that with work.

“I was also flying a lot for The Wombats festivals. There was one flew I did like 22 transatlantic return flights in like 60 days or something. And then the album was kind of written, I didn’t so much decide ‘I’m gonna write an album’ rather than I was on this mad journey and chose to document it along the way.”

The ‘Don’t You Want to Sleep With Someone Normal?’ hitmaker – who was born in Liverpool but now lives in LA with his wife Akemi Topel and their two daughters – explained that he is feeling “way happier” since giving up the booze and described going sober as the “best gift” he could have ever given himself.