May 6, 2024 – “I love the natural setting,” Stan Fleming said before taking off on a run. “Out in the woods and up in the mountains, there’s just no better place for me.” Stan said getting to this level of fitness started from a day four years ago while he was at the Nashville International Airport.

“Alcoholism, I struggled with that my whole life,” he said. “I couldn’t accomplish anything in life. I couldn’t stay sober for more than six to nine months at a time.”

Stan said at the airport a group could see he’d been drinking too much. They came over and introduced themselves as having gone through the Still Waters program at substance abuse treatment center Cumberland Heights. 

He’s raising money through his non-profit The Final Chance Project. The money goes toward scholarships to help others go through Still Waters. He’ll also be fundraising in August when he runs the iconic 100-mile ultra-marathon in Colorado, the Leadville Trail 100.

Stan said he’s been training for about 15 hours a week, on his way to 20 hours a week.

“I never ran a day of my life before getting sober,” he said. “This is all stuff that came with sobriety.”