May 5, 2021 – A Modesto man devoted to living a better life was hit and killed by Brandon Howze, who was allegedly drunk at the time. Friends of Ray Galindo say the tragic irony is Galindo was leaving an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting when it happened.

Galindo spent over a decade in and out of the program. On Tuesday, friends and family attended his funeral. DUI arrest and crashes have been increasing in the Central Valley since the pandemic, according to Rhonda Campbell, Victim Services Specialist at Mothers Against Drunk Driving Sacramento.

“Drunk driving numbers were up six percent during the lockdown. I’m finding, as a victim advocate, as more and more things are opening up I’m getting more and more victim referrals,” she explained.

Campbell said with statistics showing 30 people dying every day in the United States from impaired driving, more needs to be done.

“Tougher penalties, it’s more consequences. I think the first couple of times people get a DUI ticket, it’s expensive but a lot of times that is not enough of a deterrent,” she explained.

AA brothers who spent years sitting next to Ray say his determination to be a better person will leave a lasting impact and serve as motivation in their own sobriety.

“It just makes me want to try hard to stay in the program and be a better person,” one person said.


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