Nov. 7, 2023 – “I couldn’t have two beers, I had to have 12 beers. I couldn’t have a glass, I had to have the whole bottle,” said Zak Stinnett. “It’s internal pain. It’s physical pain.” He said he started drinking heavily after his wife died and was addicted to alcohol for around 20 years. He said he started practicing yoga and found a way to recover from addiction.

“I’m healthier, eat better, sleep better. I’m physically in better shape, I lost 50 pounds after I quit drinking,” he said. “Yoga poses can be emotionally releasing to people too, especially in recovery, who have trauma in their bodies because we hold our issues.”

He said classes like “Sober Yoga” help people with substance abuse find another avenue away from drugs and alcohol, helping them find relief from pain and trauma that may lead them to addiction. 

The program was created by Heather Hutcheson, who recovered from addiction herself. It is aimed at helping people with all types of addiction. Hutcheson helped people like Stinnett in his sobriety journey. 


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