Dec. 28, 2021 – The officer was called to the area after gunshots were heard but it would be the gas station clerk who pointed the officer in the direction of Joshua’s car that hadn’t moved in hours.

“I tried to lie my way out of it but the officer was pretty sharp, he didn’t believe any story I said and at one point was like cut the crap, please tell me the truth, and I did,” said Joshua.

Joshua revealed he’d come from a good, supportive family but fell into the trap of addiction anyway. He’d lost the people closest to him and sold all his possessions just to fuel his habit. While being booked into jail, Officer Baynes opened up as well, making a heartfelt admission that would change the course of Joshua’s life.

“It was that he felt like he wasn’t accomplishing anything as an officer, he would see the same faces going through the system over and over and over, without any change, and he just felt helpless,” said Joshua.