Dec. 28, 2021 – An affidavit shows Erik L. Averbeck, 44, has been charged with Hiding a Corpse in Winnebago County.

On Dec. 15, a Fox Crossing detective was contacted by the Department of Corrections about word going around about the overdose death of a woman on Fatima St. The DOC and police conducted a visit to a home in the Village of Fox Crossing where they found a body wrapped in a tarp in the basement.

Averbeck was at the home. He told the DOC officers that he found the victim the previous night. When asked who wrapped her body, Averback replied, “I did.” The criminal complaint said word of the woman’s overdose death had been shared on Facebook prior to police being tipped off by the DOC. A relative who had dropped the victim off at the home on Dec. 11 said there had been a recent post on Facebook about an overdose and a person wrapped up in a tarp.

On Dec. 15, police executed a search warrant at the home on Fatima St. They recovered evidence, including a syringe cap, metal spoon with a substance on it and a piece of aluminum foil.