Nobody’s Perfect – 

JUNE 1, 2019 –  The family attempted to pick up the pieces of their lives, and June’s 13-year-old daughter was forced to move in her with 19-year-old sister. In the final episode of “Mama June From Hot to Not,” June Shannon’s family staged an intervention with her. June’s sister “Doe Doe” picked up June to bring her to the family gathering. However, the intervention did not go as the family planned. After walking into the house, June immediately became defensive as she saw numerous members of her family sitting on a couch. June’s sister told her that the girl’s wanted to talk to her and said, “Today’s your intervention.” June stood with a confused and dazed look on her face. She appeared to grind her teeth and seemed high. Despite her state, not once did the family mention her use of drugs. Instead, the family focused their energy on their detest for June’s boyfriend, Geno.

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