Dec. 30, 2021 – The music industry has been under fire lately, and for good reason. In an Instagram Live session from yesterday, rapper Lil Xan not only accused his manager of fueling his drug addiction — he calls out the entire music industry for its complicit and predatory treatment of artists with substance abuse issues.  Xan reveals he almost died on that tour due to his drug addiction, and is preparing to sue his former manager for endangering his life. To Xan, Stat supplying him with drugs in order to guarantee he performed is a symptom of a sick music industry.

“They just want to keep you alive long enough to make their money, and if you die, it’s even better for them because it’s easier to manage a dead artist than an alive one,” Xan said.  Throughout the brutally honest video, Xan acknowledged how he could’ve been another casualty of the music industry’s soulless pursuit for hits. Viral sensation Lil Peep died in 2017 at the age of 21 from an overdose on a tour bus in Tucson, Ariz. with two shows left on his Come Over When You’re Sober tour, named after his debut album of the same title. Two years after his unfortunate death, Peep’s motherLiza Womack sued First Access Entertainment, the talent agency and label behind Peep’s career, for supplying Peep with illegal drugs in order for him to perform on stage. Womack alleges the day before her son’s November 15, 2017 death, the young rapper informed his tour managers he didn’t want to perform, only to be told he’d need to be sick in order for the canceled show to be covered by their insurance policy. She also alleges the tour managers steered Peep to take too many Xanax pills.