Oct. 28, 2021 – The newly single star also noted that the day was extra meaningful because it’s a sobriety milestone.

“Today marks my 37th birthday and I’m 5 months sober!!!” she wrote. “I am filled with so much gratitude it’s almost overwhelming! he Fashion Police fixture wore a polkadot top and had her purple hair up in braids as she posed with her strawberry-topped cake.

The comments were supportive with many noting they were “proud” of her for being sober.

In April, Osbourne revealed she had relapsed after four years of sobriety. She said recording a video admitting she was drinking again — and posting it online immediately — was part of trying to hold herself accountable. She later revealed how it happened, admitting she had a glass of champagne when she was by herself and soon it turned to bottles. Osbourne said she “did embarrassing s***” when she fell off the wagon but was back on track with specialized new therapies in addition to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.


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