The Bieb’s Battle Within –

February 03, 2020 – Bieber’s marijuana abuse was only one addiction he was fighting. At one point, he admits to sipping the codeine cough syrup and soda combination known as lean, popping pills like the psychoactive drug known as MDMA or Molly, and dabbling in hallucinogenic mushrooms, as both a way to escape and as regular teenage experimentation. Hailey chalks up her husband’s experience with drugs as how he self-medicated his troublesome issues with anxiety.

Things became tougher to deal with under such a bright spotlight, while Bieber was attempting to figure out how to navigate his life and exponential fame simultaneously. Bieber’s situation with drugs eventually became dire. He opens up about reaching a point where he felt he was “dying” and his security team checking in with him nightly to check his pulse.

He put in the work to change, however. Trading illegal drugs for antidepressants helped him “get out of bed in the morning,” he says. Bieber also dives into his battle with Lyme disease and mononucleosis before sharing changes he’s made to heal his body from those years of abuse.


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