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June 23, 2015              Treatment Industry & Recovery Community News                Vol. 2., No. 44
Suboxone Hits The Front Page
The drug Dylann Roof was holding when he was arrested in February?     

When Dylann Roof, the suspect in the deadly shooting at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, was arrested last February on trespassing charges at a mall in Columbia, South Carolina, police said he was carrying a pack of thin orange strips, which he allegedly admitted were the oral version of the drug Suboxone. Roof was charged with felony possession, meaning he did not have a prescription for the narcotic, which is in the same class as opiates like heroin and oxycontin.

Smoked More Than You, Ever!
George Michael Checks Into Rehab To Treat ‘Marijuana Addiction’    

’80s icon George Michael is entering rehab after reportedly developing a “25-joint-a-day” habit. He has struggled with drug abuse in the past; in 2008, he was “arrested and cautioned” for possession of class A and C drugs and bragged the year before that he was “a happy man, and can afford my marijuana, so that’s not a problem.”

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Because It’s All in America
Cannabis still popular in Europe, heroin use declining    

The use of heroin and other opioids remains relatively rare and even appears to be declining. In Europe  there are currently believed to be 1.3 million problem users. EMCDDA defines problem use as “injecting use of drugs or prolonged/regular use of opiates, cocaine and/or amphetamines”. However, heroin and other opioids continue to be associated with most of the drug-related deaths as well as most of the cost of treatment.

Benchmark Transitions

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 Recovery Program Management

Portrait of a Sober Portrait Artist
Long road to recovery for New York photographer chasing celebrity    

“Dear so and so. I’m a young photographer shooting a series of portraits of celebrated New Yorkers. If you could spare a few minutes of your time I would very much like to photograph you.” So began the three-sentence letter with the modest request that would launch the 30-year career of Michael Tighe as the enviable celebrity photographer of New York’s art and literary scene. For over 30 years, Tighe photographed a veritable who’s who of the New York art world: including…

Brandi’s Wish

AIDS is Back
City’s needle swap aims to stop repeat of nearby HIV, Hepatitis C outbreaks    

trio of deadly afflictions is ripping through a rural county in southern Indiana. More than 130 patients in Scott County, Ind., tested positive for HIV in less than a year, making the community of about 24,000 people the site of one of the worst outbreaks in decades. Among the infected are 114 who also tested positive for another blood-borne disease – Hepatitis C.

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Sad Demise
Coroner: Getty heir had ulcers, methamphetamine, heart disease    

Andrew Getty, an heir to the Getty oil fortune who was found dead this spring in his Hollywood Hills home, had toxic levels of methamphetamine in his body and had been suffering from heart disease, according to a coroner’s report obtained Tuesday by the Los Angeles Times. But officials with the Los Angeles County coroner’s office concluded that the 47-year-old’s death was ultimately caused by intestinal hemorrhaging from ulcers. There was no evidence of foul play… He had an affinity for “cheesy horror movies”.

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Just Keeps Kids Out of Jail
Legalizing medical marijuana hasn’t made US teens smoke more weed    

A major fear about legalizing medical marijuana in the US has been that it would make the drug more accessible for young people to use recreationally. So far that hasn’t been the case, according to a new study published in the journal Lancet Psychiatry…Marijuana use among these teenagers has actually been decreasing over the last five years.

Nightmare Dream
Disparate Thoughts of a Heroinhead    

To most, addiction is a dirty landscape dotted with outsiders, criminals, losers and freaks. A desperate, frightening world that many groups try to abolish by laws, pathologize with diagnoses and treatment or simply shun. But there is no disappearing the world of addiction. And perhaps the most reviled and romanticized subset of inhabitants in the addiction world is the heroin addict. There is a romantic fantasy about the alcoholic writer/artist (Bukowski and Pollock,) or junkie writer (William Burroughs). “Heroin chic” was a term used to describe models like Kate Moss with the implication that their appearances were enhanced by their drug use.

Copping a Solution
Police Tout Success in Unique Fight Against Drug Epidemic    

Gloucester police Chief Leonard Campanello said that 17 addicts abusing opioids like heroin, morphine and oxycodone have so far taken up the department’s offer to turn over their drugs and paraphernalia without fear of arrest – as long as they agree to enter treatment on the spot. He said while the number appears modest, it represents over three times the amount of people who have died of drug overdoses this year in the seaside community of about 29,000.


Hollywood Heart Attack
Did Jamie Sangouthai Overdose On Heroin? Khloé Kardashian Is Lamar Odom’s ‘Emotional Rock    

Khloé Kardashian is putting her estranged husband Lamar Odom first after his best friend Jamie Sangothai died Sunday from an suspected drug overdose. As Odom mourns the loss of his friend, Kardashian has been an “emotional rock.” “Khloé tracked Lamar down and has been talking to him. She’s been amazing listening to Lamar’s pain being a shoulder to cry on. She’s been his emotional rock during this heartbreaking tragedy. Lamar can’t talk without bawling his eyes out. He’s been crying all night and day. It’s so so sad.”

Escape Artists
Overdose deaths in CA prisons persist

California inmates are dying of drug overdoses at nearly three times the national rate and it is unclear whether the tough steps state officials took this year to stop illicit drugs from getting into prisons are having any effect, though they are prompting criticism from civil rights advocates. More than 150 California inmates have died of drug overdoses since 2006, with a high of 24 in 2013. Moreover, the sharing of intravenous needles often spreads hepatitis C infections, which killed 69 inmates in 2013 alone.

The Agony and the Ecstasy  VIDEO

Several people who’ve seen the tough side of life, including incarceration, drug addiction, and homelessness are now seeing something else: their potential. Carrie Gazzaruso grew up with a drug-dealing father, which she says led her into addiction for many years. But life for Gazzaruso is different now thanks to her involvement in The Strindberg Laboratory, a non-profit theatre company offering building blocks to a better life. At 47 years old, Christopher Simpson is now studying film at Los Angeles City College and co-starring in a modern take on the ancient Greek comedy, “The Birds.”

But John Has A Disease…
Alcoholic left pet dog dying in agony from tumour while spending cash on booze instead of vet bills    

Inspectors found the boxer dog, an adult female named Jazz, with a “raw” growth on her chest and so underweight that her ribs and spinal chord were visible. Her owner, alcoholic John Redmond Quinn, 60, was banned from keeping any pet for life after pleading guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal at Liverpool Magistrates’ Court today.



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Excuse Me, I Have to Get This & This & This
The Digital Drug by Don Grant, MA, MFA, CCDC, PhD    

The most addictive threat across all population demographics. Easily accessible, completely legal, and designed for mass distribution via attractive packaging, the drug can be purchased over the counter and is often dealt by parents to their children. Its use has been associated with emotional and psychological trauma, untold numbers of illegal activities, and even death. A dopamine “squirt” rush comes from using or the anticipation of using. Attempts to control or cut back prove unsuccessful. Lack of ability to use generates restlessness, irritability, and discontent. Attempts to “sneak” use even against better judgment become the norm and thus more “justifiable.”

Ganja Uncut
Accused in knife murder attempt blamed cannabis addiction    

A man accused of trying to murder his partner and her mother by stabbing them as they lay on the floor before turning the knife on himself blamed cannabis withdrawal symptoms afterwards, a court has heard. Craig Binnie from Tynan Drive, is accused of attempting to murder the two women and a neighbour, Samuel Gaynor, in 2013 before he was found with the black handle of a knife sticking out of his abdomen.

Bottoms or Bottom Lines
Demand is high, but addiction treatment business falls short    

Brad Greenstein, the head of Recovery Centers for America’s New England area, said the company will only accept patients who have commercial insurance or who pay on their own. He said reimbursements from MassHealth patients would not be enough to support the company’s investment in Danvers and Wenham.


Sacred Chocolate

GO Al-Anon!   VIDEO
Friends and Family Members Affected by Alcoholics Don’t Have to Wait to Get Help VIDEO     

In an interview by Al-Anon Family Groups this week with Danielle Fritze, Mental Health America,  Director of Public Education, she explained how MHA is promoting the theme B4Stage4, which focuses on addressing mental health concerns early, rather than at “Stage 4” – when symptoms are more severe, and recovery is a longer process. Friends and family members of alcoholics are no strangers to the concerns over mental health conditions, and many find hope and support in Al-Anon.

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Terrorist Pharmacists

Overdose Death Rates Increase in  
26 States    

Nearly 44,000 people die from drug overdoses each year, a figure that more than doubled from 1999 to 2013, and more than half of them stem from prescription pills. “Over 10 years, the opioid prescriptions have quadrupled, but there’s not a change in the overall pain that Americans had in that same period,” said Amber Williams, executive director of Safe States Alliance, an organization of experts who work on injury and violence prevention nationwide. “There’s definitely a mismatch between the prescriptions and the health issues because the issues have remained the same.”

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Not Just In France
Alcohol lobby ‘stronger than public health law’! French minister says    

A decades-old law preventing product placement of alcoholic beverages in France could soon be repealed, Health Minister Marisol Touraine warned on Tuesday, adding that the country was in “denial” about alcoholism levels. Last week France’s lower-house National Assembly approved a Senate amendment that would change the Evin Law. “There isn’t a single magazine out this week that doesn’t feature an article related to wines or other alcohols,” Touraine said.

Philosophy and Recovery
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy    

She was “dosed with Thorazine, Librium, and other powerful drugs, as well as hours of Freudian analysis; and strapped down for electroshock treatments … nothing changed, and soon enough the patient was back in seclusion on the locked ward.”… In 1967, Dr. Marsha Linehan had what can only be described as an epiphany: she had been regularly praying at the Cenacle Retreat Center in Chicago, and had suddenly felt transformed. “It was,” she told the Times, “this shimmering experience, and I just ran back to my room and said, ‘I love myself.’ It was the first time I remember talking to myself in the first person.'”

MEDIA: Book Review

‘Blackout’: A deep, dark-humored  
drinking memoir    

“Blackout: Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget,” Sarah Hepola heads straight for the danger zone. Her story opens with a Paris magazine assignment, which is, she assures us, “exactly as great as it sounds.” That is, until it’s not. Her final cognac-infused night in the city ends with her waking in a stranger’s bed and no memory of how she got there.

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Can You Snort It?
Future of Drug Addiction Treatment: Neural Pathway Could Inspire Drug to Treat Cocaine Addiction a Real Possibility

The idea of treating drug abuse with more drugs is controversial but many believe that a pharmaceutical approach to addiction could help to decrease the likeliness of relapse. Now, a recent study from the University of Buffalo may bring us a step closer to making drugs to treat cocaine addiction a reality after uncovering a previously unknown neural pathway, which regulates a person’s likeliness to relapse.

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3 More Than 12

AA introduced the concept of spirituality apart from religion. It took away the middleman. It has put into place the most successful self-duplicating, small group model in recent history. And it has done this by emulating the model of the early church. On June 10, AA turned 80 years old. From extremely humble beginnings, an estimated 23 million people in the US now live with long-term recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.


Use To Be Other Way Round
Model Cara Delevingne ‘contemplated suicide’ over her mum’s heroin addiction    

Model Cara Delevingne has spoken candidly about the heroin addiction faced by her mother which shaped her own childhood. Cara’s mum, Pandora, continues to battle her substance addiction and Cara has admitted that it had an effect on her while she was growing up. Speaking to Vogue magazine, the Brit beauty said: “It shapes the childhood of every kid whose parent has an addiction. You grow up too quickly because you are parenting your parents. My mother is an amazingly strong person with a huge heart, and I adore her.”

MEDIA: Book of the Week
Novel explores the impact of alcoholism    

Author Michael Langthorne and Wilbur Topsail, the main character and narrator in Langthorne’s novel “Navigating Infinity,” have some things in common, but the novelist says it would be wrong to call the book autobiographical. Like Langthorne, Topsail is the child of alcoholics and the novelist knows that children raised by alcoholics often struggle with issues of trust and attachment into adulthood. “There is a laundry list of life problems that almost every child of alcoholics goes through and carries with them through life, and some carry that baggage (better) than others,” he says.


And #8. You Can Get Help!
7 things children should know about drug addiction    

It is difficult to put the words “children” and “drug addiction” in the same sentence, but if we want to protect our kids from drug and alcohol abuse we need to educate them. Teens and even younger kids should know why they need to avoid substances and make smart choices. Absorb these seven eye-opening facts about underage substance abuse – and make sure…


They Do Want To Save Lives
Moments after Narcan training, cop revives man from overdose    

Not even five minutes after a Morristown police officer finished up training on how to administer Narcan, he was dispatched to a call involving a suspected overdose of a 53-year-old man, Morristown Police Lt. Stuart Greer said. Officer James Green was on duty June 11, but given permission to attend a make-up class for police that hadn’t yet learned about the medication, which is used to reverse the effects of opiate overdose.

Health Warning: Caveat Emptor
Knee surgery ‘inconsequential’    

More than 700,000 knee arthroscopies are done in the United States and 150,000 in the United Kingdom annually, however studies have shown that many of those surgeries performed on middle-aged and older patients often have little or no long-term benefit over non-surgical treatments. Based on a meta-analysis of nine studies, researchers concluded that many knee arthroscopies are unnecessary and could cause more harm than help.



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