Mad Man No More –

Sept.  13, 2020 – The insider explains that booze “became a problem as he and Jen were going through their own issues” and “neither one cause the other, but they didn’t help either.” Though the outsider claims Jon Hamm’s rumored affair with his Mad Men costar January Jones put pressure on the marriage, Hamm didn’t cheat, saying … Gossip Cop thought one major detail stood out and you might have noticed it too. Where were the quotes from Jon Hamm? As the headline says, “Jon Tells All,” a reader would understandably expect to see some heartfelt comments from the Baby Driverstar, but alas, in typical tabloid fashion, this is just a disappointing bait and switch. Hamm doesn’t, in fact, tell anything. Every quote comes from a supposed “insider,” whose relationship to Hamm is never explained. Is it a close friend? A family member? A fellow actor? Who knows. Most likely, the source is not very close to Hamm, or even completely made up.