June 13, 2022 – Disturb delves into methamphetamine addiction through the perspective of a kuia (grandmother) experiencing first-hand the drug’s hold on her moko (grandson).

“So understanding what it is when they come in, when they come down; what the family needs to do to deal with it; if the person stays in the house or out of the house…

“A lot of families have to avoid their child because they can’t take it anymore. So that was my best research, was to talk to someone who had been through this.”

The film did not claim to depict what other families have endured – rather it was a snapshot through the eyes of one family.

“It’s not just about seeing a child who is in this condition, it’s about seeing how the parents had to deal with it. When the child comes to the hospital and then the parents show up also in the hospital and they haven’t seen him for a few years and they had to shut the door on him.


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