Tell It! – 

May 12, 2020 – In the last couple of years, as he’s started seeing a therapist weekly, he’s made another stride. He’s able to think about the man he was before all that – and let his guard down.  “To get to a certain level as a creative person, you have to have an open mind. And that doesn’t usually allow you to point the finger and blame large groups of people. And if you can’t blame large groups of people, then you’re not gonna make a very good conservative. I know they’re out there, and you see a lot of people who do speak their mind, but I wish everybody would because I feel like we all need the weight behind the push right now.” … right now, I think I would rather have my 4-year-old as president than the guy that we’ve got at this point,” he says.

“I understand that democracy should work in a way that we all have our voices heard and that we all can advocate for any candidate we feel like would be best for the job, and be as loud about that as we want, but that’s just not politically sound. And the version of democracy that we’re operating under right now is not in the best health. 



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