April 2, 2021 – “What’s the point of a $5 million contract that I have to walk on eggshells and jump through your hoops — which is already impossible — to obey if I’m dead? What the f–k is the point of having the money if I’m not here anymore because I was going to die of a pill overdose or suicidal thoughts?” 

In February, Margera asked fans to boycott “Jackass 4.” He is now contemplating taking legal action. 

“I didn’t want it to come down to this, but, I mean, I have no choice,” he told TMZ Thursday. “They keep saying, ‘Bam, we love you and it’s not about the movie.’ Um, it is about the movie, because that’s all I’ve been wanting to do for 10 years, and now you make me jump through hoops for two years, and I’m walking around chain-smoking, realizing there’s nothing I can do to please you.”

Margera also believes the team’s plans to honor late “Jackass” alum Ryan Dunn have been tainted.

“It’s supposed to be a f–king reunion of getting the band back together to pay our respects to Ryan Dunn, and he’s rolling around in his f–king grave saying, ‘Why Jeff, why?’”

Knoxville and producer-director Jeff Tremaine couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.



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