Spontaneous Admission? 

August 24, 2018 –  Renee Ratliff, the clinical coordinator for Mountain Comprehensive Care Center’s drug rehab facility, Mountain Center for Recover and Hope, said studies prove addiction is a disease. “Years of study has shown there are changes that happen in the brain when addiction comes into the picture. And some of these changes are irreversible,” explained Ratliff. Though she says some changes are irreversible, Ratliff said those changes be managed. “It’s an ongoing treatment. That it’s not curable but it’s treatable when you use the disease concept,” said Ratliff.

Treatment is available in a variety of ways, the clinical coordinator said. “Individuals in recovery can be treated with becoming involved in a 12-step program, spiritual programs, etc.,” said Ratliff … “When the addict already feels different and they already feel alone, and they don’t even understand themselves, what’s wrong if their own family harm them or throw them down,” said Morgan. “Then it’s almost like they feel they are not worthy of recovery. Not worth saving.” Hall points out an additional benefit to the disease concept of addiction. “If it’s bringing funding in. If it’s bringing awareness. If it’s bringing research in. This research and funding is going to help somebody’s family members,” said Hall. “It could be somebody’s family members who say “I don’t think this is a disease.”

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