Sept. 8, 2022 – He says he knew something was wrong in high school when he would experience going through withdrawal, but he pushed through. After high school, he began using heroin.  “It wasn’t until after high school that I realized it was an actual problem,” Kellen said. 

At age 19, he went to rehab for the first time in Buffalo, New York, but checked himself out of the program in less than 24 hours to figure it out on his own. His addiction continued and he credits Cass as the person who saved his life and helped him change. 

“The last relapse I had towards the end before I went to treatment, I was actually getting ready to turn to suicide and luckily, Cass had called me that night and steered me in the other direction,” he said. 

Cass says a pivotal moment in Kellen’s recovery was his admission that he wanted help rather than people forcing him to go to rehab.


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