Jan. 12, 2022 – “By asshole. It must be said: I got into alcohol for an asshole, “said the famous singer when asked about how he started his addiction to alcohol.

Later, Raphael explained that he started drinking alcohol on airplanes because his sleeping pills were no longer working. In addition, he claimed that he never did it for pleasure.“And then I started doing it with the blissful minibars in the suites, too. I took my pill first and at one point it didn’t work. I was in the middle of Jekyll and Hyde, I needed to sleep as it was and since the pill did not work, I emptied the minibar until it fell. But I have never done it with the idea of ​​enjoying alcohol, I have never liked it, “he said.

When his liver began to fail, Raphael confessed that he could have died. His health was very critical, but a transplant saved his life: “Yes, why am I going to say no to you? I have seen death very close, but it will have to wait for me, “he added.


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