Not going with the flow –

Sept. 22, 2018 – The 30-year-old had come from Louisiana for a contract job fixing power lines damaged by Hurricane Florence. After 16-hour days in the elements, he said he’d been soaking wet, from rain or sweat or both, from the day he arrived in North Carolina. But what really worried him was how far he was from the closest opioid addiction clinic that would treat him – the Carolina Treatment Center of Fayetteville – after a road collapse blew out the tires of his service truck. Without the methadone he takes twice a week, he worried about going into withdrawal – or worse, relapsing and going back to opioids. Getting to the clinic for the second time during his trip, amid road closures, the tire blowout and extended workdays, was also putting him in a tough position with his boss, who he said didn’t seem sympathetic about his treatment.

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