Sept. 21, 2022 – The city of Huntington argues that it is a municipal corporation of the State of West Virginia and has specific statutory jurisdiction over matters such as zoning and building and fire codes.

Huntington zoning codes limits the number of unrelated persons in a family/household unit to not more than five unrelated people; however, Lifehouse referred to at least one property as a single-family dwelling and stated it “would not be rational to classify the property as something other than a single-family use.”

Lifehouse requested the city waive any limitation on the number of unrelated disabled persons who can reside together in a single-family zone and to hold in abeyance any enforcement or inspection efforts.

According to the city, Lifehouse’s request was “devoid of any factual information and language” and alluded that Lifehouse houses should be exempt from all zoning and safety ordinances and regulations.