March 1, 2023 – The FBI in Phoenix won’t say specifically which group homes investigators are looking into, but investigators say the overall scheme involves organizers targeting indigenous people from reservations in Arizona, New Mexico, South Dakota and even at local flea markets and medical centers.

The recruiters promise therapy services, yet offer alcohol during the transport. Organizers make sure victims are enrolled in the American Indian Health Plan through AHCCCS so they can make money off the benefits, licensed or not.

On a chilly January morning, we visited “The Zone,” the largest homeless encampment in Phoenix where nearly a thousand people live in tents on the streets.

We found the managing director of N.G. Sober Living, Leon Kayijamahe, after being called to the area by a man named Michael White, the man we spoke with over the phone in part 2 of this series.

He says Leon dropped him off at “The Zone” after he was staying at the home for weeks. “The Zone” is where he says he was first picked up by Leon. 


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