March 26, 2024 – “The irony was while I was moving up in my career working on a show about health and wellness and specifically weight loss,” he said, “I was not just a workaholic but I [also] had a giant drinking problem. I really knew how to work hard, come home, and party hard.” Relampagos shared that he took a break from work in entertainment in 2019 to focus on getting better.

Now four years sober, and 40 pounds lighter, the TV producer is making some changes in the lives of others.

He founded “Change Your Algorithm” a non-profit that provides mental health services throughout the world.

“[It]s sort of my way of paying it forward,” Relampagos shared, “letting people know that there’s nothing wrong with therapy. There’s nothing wrong with how you feel, it’s all about how you react and how you heal.”

Earlier this year, he even helped show off his transformed body with his evolving mindset, as Men’s Health Magazine followed him around for some of his workouts.