In the Dark – 

Jan. 24, 2020 – Treatment Options

If you have a history of drug abuse, we do not advise solving your insomnia with medications. Any prescription drugs or sleeping pills that need to be consumed continuously represents a risk factor for former addicts. If you think that that is the easiest solution, you must know that there are no quick solutions or magic pills that can change things overnight.

Time and patience are your best companions. So, instead of trying to cure one problem by creating another one, try some of the slower but safer approaches which have long-term effects. There are plenty of alternative supplements that are not addictive, and they are ideal for those with a history of misusing drugs. … Before you try some of the herbal or natural dietary supplements, consult your doctor, and do not take anything without his approval. So, if you are willing to make a change naturally and improve your sleep and quality of life, try some of the behavioral and lifestyle changes that we kindly recommend.

Light exposure. One of the powerful tools for getting our circadian rhythm back in order is light, whether natural or artificial. Dim the lighting in the evening to induce sleep, and open up those curtains with the first rays of the sun. Also, avoid exposure to screen light around bedtime.

Healthy food. Eating spicy, high sugar, or high carb food late in the evening will hinder your ability to fall asleep at the desired time. And the same is with drinks that contain caffeine or soda. We recommend eating in scheduled well-balanced meals that include some of the sleep-promoting foods such as kiwi, almond, milk, turkey meat, etc.