Nov. 7, 2023 – Keep in mind, though, the path to recovery isn’t necessarily a straight road: You may have had this conversation or one like it before. Your loved one may have attempted to get sober and relapsed. Wherever you both are in this journey, Caron Treatment Centers — a leader in addiction treatment for the past 70 years — can give you the tools and the confidence you need to help your loved one make a change.

If you’re struggling to know whether your friend or family member truly has a substance use disorder (the formal diagnosis of an addiction to drugs or alcohol), you may want to talk to a professional, like an expert at Caron Treatment Centers, about your concerns. While you might be worried about acting on a hunch or misinterpreting their behavior, acting early — before so-called “rock bottom” — will help your loved one in the long run.

What’s more, the first signs of substance use disorder often are not drug or alcohol abuse itself. In fact, many people are able to hide drug or alcohol use and even its effects quite well. That’s why, according to Caron clinicians, you may recognize other changes in their behavior instead: Your friend or family member might seem depressed, act overly anxious, or retreat from regular life, such as falling behind at work or with other responsibilities, withdrawing from relationships, and losing interest in pastimes.

To help you identify whether your loved one needs professional help, here are common addiction indicators from Caron clinicians.


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