Going to any lengthening –  

Nov. 16, 2020 – But since the pandemic, I’ve found myself searching for something that goes beyond the endorphin rush I get from my regular strength-training routine. Suddenly, I’m unable to follow a narrative anymore or get to that deep calm place during my morning meditation. There’s also a new constant ache in my lower back, and I keep getting headaches in the evenings from all of the Zoom calls. So I turned to the experts and agreed to expand my ideas about stretching for five whole days. Here’s what I learned about how stretching can help my recovery. After my regular Zoom class with Arena Fitness Training Center, I tell my trainer, Will Garcia, about my quest to expand my ideas about stretching. “Let’s start with a piriformis stretch, okay? Lay down on your back, knees bent, feet on the floor, and then cross your right leg over your left thigh just below the knee. Now take your hand and push ever so gently, hold.”



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