2023 – He adds that music was his “only form of solace” and that it was “the only thing that really ever made me feel like there was hope in the world,” energized by the fact that there was always more music out there “waiting for me to discover it.” And when it comes to leading a sober life, choosing to do so, Taylor says, can only happen “if you’re ready to see it.” “When he first started his journey, getting sober and getting healthy and whatnot, I looked at that, and I was, like, ‘Well, shit, if he’s strong enough to do it, maybe I can try it,” the singer says in admiration.

He notes that sober living “had a big enough effect on me” that the change he’s seen as a result has been a driving factor to “stick with it.”

“In figuring that out, I also realized that there were so many people who were going down that path, as well. Jerry Cantrell had just gotten sober around that time, and he was starting to kind of put his steps together,” Taylor continues.


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