Ms. Denial’s Binoculars –

June 1, 2020 – Over time, she’s gotten better at hiding her addiction. She only uses a small amount when she’s around other people so as not to display any obvious signs of intoxication. She carries mints and perfume if she wants to drink or smoke weed. And she’s always looking in the mirror, any chance she gets, to make sure she doesn’t come across as high.

“The only possible giveaway is my eyes when I’m on downers, specifically how droopy they get,” she tells me. “I sometimes use coke or speed after to try and look more sober, and if that doesn’t work and people still comment on my eyes, I just use the excuse that I’m tired.”

Thousands of people know this about Sophie, but she’s never met any of them in the flesh. Myself included. I first started speaking with her after stumbling upon a relatively popular post on the “confessions” corner of Reddit: a place where people can go to “admit their wrongdoings, acknowledge their guilt, and alleviate their conscience”, according to the page bio.



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