Romantically –

October 13, 2018 – When we first meet Maine, he is a train set to derail at any minute. He’s taking large gulps of gin and swallowing 4-5 pills before taking the stage for a show. When he gets into his ride afterwards, more gin awaits. When he runs out, he is willing to go into a drag bar to get more alcohol. He’s like a continuous drain for bad ideas to be poured into. The arrival of Ally into his life temporarily takes away the need for “some” of those vices, yet he does get drunk and drugged up on a routine basis during their relationship. It’s an authentic portrayal and observation of what some people call a disease and others simply label as a deadly addiction. As one character said to another in a movie once, being with someone like this is akin to being strapped to a bomb. At some point, it’s going to explode. I appreciate the fact that Cooper didn’t choose a less-dark ending for this film in order to appease the audience who won’t understand the finale of this film.  After he enters rehab following a disastrous appearance at the Grammy Awards that damaged Ally’s career, Maine tells her something incredibly revealing right before he gets out. He tells her that he is in rehab for her … and not for himself.

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