July 19, 2021 – ALEX GIBNEY: Purdue didn’t have any evidence that the drug was safe, so the company obtained the help of a medical officer at FDA.

DR. ANDREW KOLODNY: This is the first time I’ve ever seen this. This isn’t just unethical. I think this could be illegal.

PATRICK RADDEN KEEFE: Hundreds and hundreds of sales reps go out and meet with doctors and say, “The FDA approved this.”

ALEX GIBNEY: Big Pharma celebrated its marketing muscle, using parties to lure doctors to write scripts.

UNIDENTIFIED: This was a new drug cartel. They were drug dealers wearing suits and lab coats.

ALEX GIBNEY: Basically, “Here’s some money. Write some scripts.”

ALEC BURLAKOFF: Yes. I’m looking at this, and I’m going, “Clearly we’re breaking the law.

PATRICK RADDEN KEEFE: Purdue ends up getting pursued by the authorities. The company lied under oath.

NATHANIEL YEAGER: Ethics did not play a role.

ALEX GIBNEY: The companies took out their checkbooks and paid to keep the evidence hidden.

PAUL PELLETIER: You are basically telling pharmaceutical companies, “You have a green light to do this.”

LENNY BERNSTEIN: It explains how America got hooked on opioids.

ALEC BURLAKOFF: Doctors willing to be paid to prescribe a drug, those are the people that are going to get you promoted, and eventually put you in prison.

MARK ROSS: The abuse exploded and spread like cancer.

GARY BLINN: When you’re in that much pain and you’re addicted at such a high dose, you’re a trapped rat.