With AA? –

May 9, 2018 – Artificial intelligence is the future. It can predict when we’ll die, help us buy stuff we don’t need, diagnose cancer, and imperfectly predict songs we’d like. It’s not perfect, and sometimes it can be banal. That’s changing, though, and in a surprising space—mental health. Before machine learning directs our autonomous vehicles, it could help humans deal with psychological challenges … Relapse is the biggest challenge to addicts in recovery, and the Sober Grid team knew via anecdotal stories that sometimes their app helped people avoid using again. They also had a lot of data from their user base, including when, how often, and what people communicated before a relapse. They also knew exactly when relapses happened—people would restart counting their days of sobriety on the app after they used, so it was obvious. If that data was run through the right algorithm, could you work backwards to  predict relapse? The team worked with Dr. Brenda Curtis at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine to  test this hypothesis.

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